The Reset:

A Human Design Retreat

January 20th, 2023

11am-3:30pm EST 

When exhaustion and uncertainty are jumbling our ability to hear that inner knowing (in Human Design it's your inner authority), it's time to hit reset.  

An Opportunity to Learn How You are Uniquely Designed to Recharge and Restore

“The Reset” is a 1 Day Virtual Retreat that weaves Human Design, cyclical living, and my unique style of coaching to support you in feeling restored and prepared for everything the end of the year will require of you.

In each season, we have an opportunity to pause, reflect, and gather wisdom from the season we just completed.  This retreat takes you through a powerful process to literally digest the experiences you just had so that you can move into the end of the year with clarity and ease.  Your Human Design is at the center of the process because what is fulfilling for you is unique to your human experience!

“The Reset” puts you in the perfect environment to shift the patterns that are creating exhaustion and overwhelm in your life. Through understanding your Human Design, you will have a roadmap for resourcing yourself in a sustainable, clear, and joyful way!

"For anyone thinking about working with Andrea… She is a dream to work with. Kind and open heart, and soooo introspective into The who and why of you. ❤️❤️❤️"

K. S.

your guide

Andrea Berg

I have always been fascinated by figuring out how things work.  This led me to many STEM programs as a child, and then on to becoming an Engineer.  In Corporate, it led me to a varied career and the many systems in personal development for understanding ourselves better. Today, it is the wisdom of Human Design, the tradition of ancient practices, and the power of cyclical living that I bring to my programs and offerings.  

To me, it's these tools that allow us to fully understand the complexity and beauty of the human experience.   Thankfully, there are many of us who are ready to experience the fulfillment that is available when we can embrace the whole human experience. I am humbled to share these practices with you and be a part of bringing more joy, ease, and compassion into the world.

Ready to say yes to “The Reset”?



What to Expect


An Overview of Human Design and How to Interpret Your HD for Feedback and Course Correction


A Deep Look into this Moment, What You've Learned, and Where you want to Go from Here


A Specific Plan to Support You in Feeling Resourced, Aligned, and Ready for the Demands of the Coming Season


Interactive Discussions, Real Life Examples, and Group Coaching to Help You Integrate and Embody the Wisdom You Access in Retreat

I have not felt this content in weeks! Thank you for helping me bridge my awareness and empowering me to trust myself again.  I am so grateful!

C. W.


do i need experience in human design?

No, but you do need to pull your Human Design Chart ahead of time.

where can I get my Human design chart?

Pull your chart for free at Jovian Archive.

If i can't make it for the whole retreat live, what should i do?

This is a sacred space all for you.  If you can't make it to the whole retreat live, you can separate it into two parts and watch the recording for the part you miss the day after (or whenever you want).  The most important part is that you give yourself this time so that you move into the new year nourished and refreshed!

are there payment plans?

Yes.  You can separate the payment into 2 installments.  If you need a payment plan, please email

Will there be a recording?

Yes! The recording will be sent out the evening of the 14th once the video processes.